Kite Runner

I don’t remember much of what my world was like through the eyes of a child.

Perhaps the relentless passage of time is to blame; perhaps I didn’t know better to cherish those moments. I don’t know.

Most of my memories feel like snippets from a book I can barely recall. And they come to me as and when they please, as if I’d unburdened myself of pages of my memories, attached them to a kite and accidentally set it free.

Just turned 21 a few days ago. Not sure what that really means, but like it or not, those years will continue to pile themselves on me. Better get used to it. *Sighs*

My birthday is one of those moments when I really appreciate the beauty of social media. Who wouldn’t? Well wishes from primary school classmates I’d forgotten, from acquaintances I’d crossed paths with in my travels and of course, from people I see every day and take for granted.

Those torn pages are fluttering down all around me. Snippets of memories. I snatch at what I can. Faces. Laughter. Tears. Overwhelming emotions. I don’t remember what we did together or what we talked about, but I remember that we shared those happy, carefree moments — in between the long-drawn boredom of classes and the constant stress of exams.

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A new year. A new class. A new school. Then came army. And work. Now it’s time for university. Too many new friends, too little time spent together.

Whirlwinds of changin’ faces;
They come, they go — anything but stay
Alone in the tempest,
Struggling to keep from being swept away

I know not what to feel,
To miss the old or embrace the new

So I dedicate this to everyone who was ever a part of my life. Thank you. For everything.

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